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34 [17:26] ok..... [17:27] $ rgba -h Routing Graph API [HTTP] ( [17:27] version 1.2 [17:27] [17:27] I think that will do what you need to to turn a color into a number for the shader [17:27] i don't know the exact format, but this is the closest that i know of or [17:27] ah... i just saw my mistake....... [17:28] [17:28] good luck... i have to go [17:28] ciao [17:33] so its quite possible that i could write some code to find the rgba r,g,b values for an image pixel [17:33] will that be good enough? [17:33] or should i go all the way and get the rgb value? [17:34] what you are doing is great..... i have done this many times [17:34] just not in C. [17:34] yeah, i think thats fine :) [17:34] tjs: try some of those links i posted and let me know [17:35] will do, thanks [17:36] np. [17:36] jthorpe, ah ok, i just need



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Battlefield 3 No-origin Crack Razor Download 14

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